10 Packing Essentials with Kids

10 Packing Essentials with Kids
15 Aug

10 Packing Essentials with Kids

Everything changes when you have children—mostly for the better. Believe it or not, that can including travelling. Discovering new places with your kids is as magical experience, but the best Family holidays are organized ones. To ensure your next family holiday runs smoothly, be prepared. Here are ten gadgets and gear that you should consider packing if you are travelling with kids.


Earplanes, for kids and adults, are a guaranteed way to stop popping ears on flights or any travels that can cause ears to pop. They’re great for kids who are too young to chew gum, or kids who might choke on gum. Even better, no more loud horse-chewing noises, no sticky gum or gum-wrappers to throw away, and less chance of needing a dentist thanks to sugary chewing gum.

Motion Sickness Relief Bands

If your child has a hard time with motion sickness, Sea-Bands are an effective, drug-free antidote. Skip the drowsy anti-nausea medicine and put Sea-Bands on your child’s wrists to keep their head straight on family adventure holidays. Despite the name, Sea-Bands work with all forms of motion sickness—at sea, on land, in the air and even with virtual reality headsets. There are straps sized for adults, too.

Luggage-Strap-On Carriers & Car Seats

Lugabug® travel seats secure a folding seat to your luggage, so you can drag your kid around while you drag your luggage. It’s great if you want to keep your stroller and/or car seat folded up and packed, instead of breaking it out and putting it back constantly.

You can also buy a strap that secures a car seat to rolling luggage.

Car Seat Dolly

If you prefer to keep your luggage and your child separate, but also don’t want to lug around a car seat by your rippling, child-rearing forearms, you can get a car seat dolly. Just strap that sucker onto the frame and you’ll be rolling your spawn around like a stack of milk crates in no time.

Rideable Kids’ Suitcases

Rideable kids’ suitcases, like the Trunki or the Bedbox (more on that later), let your stroller-outgrown kids pack and propel themselves. The Trunki comes in many colourful varieties that’ll keep its driver entertained.

Airplane Beds for Children

The Bedbox can also convert aeroplane seats into a small bed for children. Its top has a pull-out platform on which kids can rest their legs flat on, and it comes with a roll-up mattress. There are a few other products that will turn an aeroplane seat into a small children’s bed, too. 

However, one major issue with these beds is that they obstruct seat aisles, which is a major safety hazard. One way around that is to only set up these beds on window seats. Still, some airlines, Qantas and Jetstar in particular, have banned these beds from their flights. If you end up buying one of these beds, you best check with your airline whether they’re allowed or not before every flight.

Child Airplane Travel Harness

This Child Airplane Travel Harness is a FAA-approved way to leave your car seat at home or with your checked luggage. It straps to the aeroplane seat and its standard seatbelt for a snug and secure fit on a child of any size.

Bubble Gum Booster Seat

Another portable alternative to carrying a car seat everywhere with you is this inflatable booster seat. Blow it up and put it under your kid’s butt, and they will be sitting high and safe in the skies.

Basic First Aid Kits

Disinfectant, plasters (band-aids), blister bandages, tweezers, pain and allergy medications and other basic first aid items are must-haves. Especially if you’re travelling with kids that tend to bump into things and trip over themselves. Not that you need to be always prepared for the apocalypse, but having basic first aid supplies on-hand can keep a bad scrape from detouring family holidays. Pre-packed and travel size first-aid kids geared towards kids are easy to find online and in stores.

Something from Bed

This one is more a tip than a gadget or a piece of travel gear. If your child has trouble falling asleep on planes or hotel beds, having something that smells of their usual bed at home can help. It’s best if you let your child sleep with a travel pillow or blanket for a few weeks before the flight. That way, they acquire the smell, and you are taking a pillow or blanket that’s meant for travelling, unlike the actual pillow or blanket they sleep in usually.

If you are ready to take on the challenge, and it really is worth it, click here to see our range of Family Holidays.