Insider Disneyland tips for your next visit

Insider Disneyland tips for your next visit
26 Sep

Insider Disneyland tips for your next visit

Growing up in Southern California, I have had the opportunity to spend many of my weekends at Disneyland. Even though I now live in Australia, I still consider Disneyland my favourite place on earth. I always thought Disney Parks was a great addition to any holiday! Don’t feel like you need to have children or need to be a massive Disney fan to enjoy yourself, either. Part of the magic of Disneyland is that there is something for everyone. I am going to share some of my top tips to help make your day(s) at Disneyland, perfect! While this blog post is mainly catered to Disneyland and California Adventures in California, a lot of the tips can be applied to other parks around the world.

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Check the crowd calendars

This is my number one tip! If you can, avoid peak seasons at all costs. The busiest times are through Summer Holidays (roughly June-August) and December into early January. February tends to be a pretty slow month and after any major public holiday is also a great time to go. Once you have your holiday dates locked in, check out a Disneyland Crowd Calendar to see which day(s) would be best for your visit.

Insider tip: The days following the Labor Day long weekend (early September) are always the best time to visit! On a day like that, you can ride almost every ride with a max wait of 30 minutes. You can probably even ride your favourite rides multiple times per day whereas during summer, you will be waiting in lines upwards of an hour for every ride.


When you can’t avoid peak season, Disneyland FASTPASS system will help you get more out of your holiday. FASTPASS is a free ticket system where you can jump the queue for more popular Disney rides. You will need your Disneyland ticket in order to be able to get these FASTPASS tickets.

Insider Tip: Try and plan out all of your FASTPASS ahead of time. The more popular rides will “sell out” of their FASTPASS ticket allocations earlier in the day. You can also only hold one FASTPASS at a time. My suggestion is to go to the more popular rides first thing to retrieve your ticket. If the ride you received a FASTPASS for is valid from 10:30am-11:30am, you cannot get another one until 10:30am.

Single Rider lines are awesome

Depending on what Disney park you visit, some of the larger attractions will have single rider lines. If you are OK to split up with your group, I highly recommend utilizing this during peak seasons. I went to California Adventure with two of my friends and we were too late to get fast passes for the Car’s Radiator Springs Racers ride. We decided instead of waiting 120 minutes to go together in the same car, we would split up and go into the single rider line. We were on the ride in less than 5 minutes!

You can bring food!

Did you know you can actually bring food into some of the Disney parks? A good way to save money is to bring some snacks and drinks in the park with you. Don’t get me wrong, food at any Disney park is amazing, but I personally would rather have more money for souvenirs at the end of my holiday! You can also rent lockers throughout the parks so you are able to put your extra food and bags in storage.

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 Try and move through one “land” at a time

When I go to visit, I typically try and hit rides in order of what land they are in. This saves you from running from one end of the park to another to hit your favourite rides. For example, once I arrive at Disneyland I usually go straight to Tomorrowland to secure a Space Mountain FASTPASS. I will then go on a few rides in Tomorrowland before heading over to Fantasyland and continuing with my day. Insider Tip: If you have young children, go to the Peter Pan ride in Fantasyland first thing. This is the longest line in Fantasyland and would be a good start to your Disneyland morning!

Go to the shops last

When you enter Disneyland, you will walk down Main Street which is such an awesome experience! You will be surrounded by shops beckoning you to come in and purchase everything (or is that just me?!). My recommendation is to wait until the end of your day to go shopping. This way you don’t have to haul everything with you or fill your lockers up to the brim.

Insider Tip: While the rides close at the park closing time, main street shops are usually open for an hour after park closing so you can get all of your last minute shopping in.

Sourced from @disneyland via Instagram

I hope these tips have helped you plan your next Disney holiday. Don’t forget to take tons of photos. I promise you will cherish them for years to come!

Written by Kailey Reinhart, Freedom Road Travel