Cultural Explorations

Cultural Explorations

Cultural Explorations

If you glossed over the history books in school, it’s probably because you couldn’t relate. It seemed, well, history. But what if you could live it, touch it, experience it through the lives of real people? To understand where we’re heading, we need to know where we’ve been. When we immerse ourselves into the fabric of a different culture, it opens our eyes (and hearts) to what’s possible and helps preserve customs and traditions. Point a compass in any direction and you’ll find a rich experience that will give you a lasting sense of place and its people.

It could be dancing with the warriors in Masai Mara, bringing in a harvest with the Amish in Pennsylvania, sleeping in a ger with a nomadic family in Mongolia, discovering your inner Indiana Jones in Petra, meditating with monks in Bhutan. Or how about splashing brightly coloured paint over people at the Holi Festival in India, standing in awe inside one of the world’s oldest and largest museums in Sain Petersburg, clapping along at the world’s biggest flamenco all night festival in Jerez, Spain, sipping mint tea and eating bread baked in outdoor ovens in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco.


Whatever you do, it will be a life changer. 

Dinner overlooking the Taj Mahal

Enjoy a dinner overlooking the ivory-white marble magnificence of the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal, which means “Crown of the Palace,” is a peerless example of Mughal architecture and a symbol of India’s elegant history. The green landscaping around the structure and reflecting pool leading to it evoke a peaceful, uncluttered state of mind which perfectly complements the tear-drop minarets, ornately patterned archways and a gourmet meal. 

Walking the Tea trails in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

At the Norwood Bungalows of the Ceylon Tea Trails, experience Sri Lanka’s graceful landscapes of gentle hills, abundant flora and unique fauna with lavish comfort and easy walks. Take an easy stroll or exciting trek along the simple rhythms of life on a Ceylon tea plantation. Wander among bungalows, manicured tea gardens, forests, mountain lakes or dollhouse villages with a friendly, story-filled guide. Mark each stop, and your memories, with exquisite meals and steaming fresh cups of tea while in view of remarkable vistas.

Ballooning over Ancient Pagodas in Bagan

Get a birds-eye view over the ancient treasures of Bagan Archaeological Zone, where 3000 temples and pagodas dating as early as the 9th century seems to go on forever in a magnificent landscape. High above in a comfortable wicker basket, where the only sound is nature and the occasional low roar of the hot air balloon’s flame, you can share unforgettable sights with family, friends and loved ones. When you return to the ground, you will feel like you have just returned from an impossible journey.


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