Incentive Travel

People can travel to an amazing destination but Incentive Travel is so much more than that. Freedom Road Travel’s approach is to partner with you from start to finish ensuring each and every aspect is fabulous & effortless. Our dedication is to work with you in making planning, budgeting, attention to detail and the creative processes the very best it can be. We have worked with leading global brands in luxury, sports and retail services. For every client, our role is to make the best event yet, be-it for product launches or road shows.

Board Meeting & Conference Travel

In this age of digital and technological advancements, it has made the face-to-face meetings even more important to be done properly. Freedom Road Travel’s commitment to partnering with you in organizing the best ever meeting or conference event travel is absolute. We are here to understand all your designed outcomes, then take into account all known and unknown variables. Our talented team of passionate event travel planners help you deliver on ‘wow’ as well as an ROI from holding the event, by aligning our processes with your procedures so it works for you.

Business Delegation Travel

When business delegates travel, it is with one primary purpose, which is to get great results for their organization. It is critical that all aspects outside of the meeting of the business delegates must be carefully planned and intuitively considered. Our focus is to be ready to adapt allowing you and your business delegates to focus solely on the most important aspect of their travel and that is business results. The Freedom Road Travel team is experienced in focusing on all logistical arrangements allowing you to put your energy into content and networking!

Study Tours

Participants on study tours learn from all aspects of their experience, this is how they get an understanding of place, people & culture - be it business or social. Lecturers, historians, leaders of commerce and government leaders all highly value the core aspects of the study tour, however it is also often the sights, sounds, foods, and the overall experience that makes the difference for delegates on a study tour. With Freedom Road Travel your delegates can 100% focus on learning, leaving it to our travel experts to manage the details in transparency with you. We make study touring insightful and fun!

Loyalty & Reward Travel

Travel is a wonderful way to reward loyalty and success. Offering travel as the reward is often more valuable than cash. The business event travel team at Freedom Road Travel have the talent to help you with destinations and also create exciting and authentic experiences with you. We can partner you in the internal marketing of these incentive rewards and assist you with the coordination of achievements and qualifying. As your loyalty and reward partner we can deliver the ultimate end-to-end program for you.

VIP Travel

Dignitaries and VIPs are always time limited, yet with so much to achieve, they can’t afford to be kept waiting for anything unnecessary. At no point should a VIP party touch door handles of a vehicle, worry about luggage, be kept waiting in a hotel lobby or be on connecting commercial flights when a private jet maybe the better option. Freedom Road Travel is well resourced, trained and determined to provide intuitive considered plans creating frictionless travel arrangements for your VIP clientele.