Cruising continues to dominate the growth of tourism worldwide and there’s no sign of it slowing down. It’s easy to see why. Unpack once, new port each day, all in cost, meals, entertainment etc. But cruising has become so much more. Imagine it and it can happen – on a cruise.

Maybe you want to brush up your golf swing in Scotland, walk the red carpet in Cannes, sleep on the ice in Antarctica, cycle the temple trail in Cambodia, taste wine in Bordeaux, unleash your inner child, become a yogi, learn an instrument, dance with the stars, cook up a storm, play bridge, debate world issues, snorkel, write poetry the choices are endless.

And then there’s the pampering – off the scale like Regent Seven Seas with the highest staff to guest ratio, boutique style Silversea that combine luxury with adventure, Cunard for elegance and enrichment, Viking for taking to the rivers and Lindbald or One Ocean Expeditions for exploring the polar regions.

Where there’s water, there’s a cruise. From oceans, to seas, bays, rivers, canals and inlets, from ocean liners to river boats, expedition vessels, tall ships to luxury yachts, it’s just a matter of finding what floats your boat. 

Kimberley cruise helicopter ride

Take from the water to the air with Kimberley Cruise’s helicopter-equipped cruise, the True North. Climb craggy mountains and steaming volcanoes in air-conditioned comfort and touchdown in otherwise inaccessible locales for unforgettable picnics before rarely seen vistas. Discover ancient rock art at impossible mountain heights, skim dense jungle treetops, and hover over cultural and historic highlights. Then, disembark back onto True North with a new unforgettable experience.

Gaudi’s breathtaking Barcelona Cathedral
Italy | Spain | Portugal

When you board the Regent Explorer for a journey from Rome to Lisbon, you cannot miss Gaudi’s breathtaking cathedral in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia. From the cathedral’s earthen, cave-like facades, to its soaring, jaggedly elegant interior, Gaudi’s otherworldly designs and patterns are truly unlike anything you will see out of other cathedrals, even more so out of buildings in general. And this is just one stop on the Regent Explorer cruise from Rome to Lisbon.

Dinner at La Dame on the Muse by Silversea

Taste Haute French cuisine at sea when you dine at La Dame on the Silver Muse by Silverseas. The menu is a bespoke creation from the culinary masterminds at Relais & Châteaux, drawn from French culinary tradition and a commitment to pairing the finest ingredients and wines. The décor evokes the ambience of an old French castle dining hall with muted elegance and luxe subtlety. La Dame earns its floorspace on the Silver Muse, and the seas, with peerless service, unrivalled atmosphere and outstanding cuisine.


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